Official Preliminary to Miss Texas and Miss America Scholarship Competitions

Official Preliminary to the Miss Texas and
Miss America Scholarship Competitions

The Miss San Antonio / Miss Bexar County Organization is a local affiliate for the Miss Texas and Miss America Organizations which provide young women an opportunity to further their personal and professional goals and instills a spirit of community service through a variety of unique national and community based programs.

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Miss San Antonio 2019: Rebecca Mendoza. Social Impact: Community Connection Warriors. Rebecca is a Graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a Degree in Accounting.
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Miss Bexar County 2019: Pratyusha Pilla. Social Impact: "Here is You". Pratyusha attends the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine.
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Miss Austin 2019: Jacqueline Petescia. Social Impact: "Friends Don't Count Chromosomes". Jacqueline is a Freshman at the University of Texas at Austin.
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Miss San Antonio's Outstanding Teen: Abby Roper. Social Impact: Equine Assist Therapy. Abby is an 8th grader and an A honor roll student and a member of the Junior Honors Society.
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Miss Bexar County's Outstanding Teen 2019: Kassidy Campos. Social Impact: Bullying Prevention, Be The Voice Not The Victim. Kassidy is a junior in high school.  MORE
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Visit our new page to see our history of America titleholders in the San Antonio area starting with Miss San Antonio America 1923, Katherine Hensley.  MORE