Official Preliminary to Miss Texas and Miss America Scholarship Competitions

2017 Bexar County's Outstanding Teen, Caitlin Noel

Caitlin Noel is 15 years old.  The most important things in her life are her faith, music, friends, and making a difference.  She spends her free time at the lake; she has her boater's license and loves to tube, knee-board, drive the jet ski, and spends time on the water with her family.  Caitlin's favorite thing to do in the car is rock out to country music and pretend like she's Chris Young's long-lost sister.  She loves all types of music and has a 407 song play list that grows all the time.

The best feeling in the world is laughing at her own jokes so hard that her side hurts and she can't talk (or sometimes even finish the joke).  Caitlin believes in loving and lifting up others by being an outgoing and happy person wherever she goes.  She loves traveling and new experiences, and wants to go on a road trip through all 50 states.  Caitlin is bubbly, social, and adventurous, but most of all, she is passionate in everything she does.